Company policy (terms and conditions)


- To benefit from after-sales services (maintenance - replacement – retrieval), the original invoice must be kept and submitted upon requesting the service.

- The company is not responsible for providing the required goods unless the invoice amount is paid in full within 3 days.

- The customer bears the risk of receiving the contents of the invoice if he requests to receive it directly from the branch or warehouse .

- The company is not responsible for any damage or shortage of goods after delivering it to the customer and signing the delivery notice whether it is installed or remains without installation in the site .

- The company is responsible for storing the goods for a period of 30 days from the date of the payment of the invoice in full. A percentage of 5% is to be paid by the customer for the value of the invoice for each month delay of receipt of a maximum of 90 days. After this period, the customer is not entitled to claim the contents of the invoice or its value. Instead, he can replace with the net invoice after deducting the storage period value for the previous months.

 The delivery and installation is free within the city where we have a branch. If the delivery or installation is done outside the above mentioned city, thus, it will be subjected to the company policy.

- In case the customer wishes to change the delivery date, he has to notify the company 48 hours prior to the agreed date and obtain a new date according to the available schedule .In case the customer does not commit, does not exist in the site or does not respond to the call, he bears the additional amount of the cost of loading and delivery for the second time.

- The customer is entitled to refund the amount of the order that has not been received and is not replaced or refunded after receipt. Goods manufactured or imported upon the request of the customer is not refunded or replaced under any circumstances.

- Any amounts of money are refunded by check to the customer to whom the invoice has been issued or a transfer to the account through which payment has been made in addition to deducting the bank charges, if any, within 10 working days from the date the customer requests the service.

- The company guarantees the quality of its products for two years from the date the customer receives the product.

- The company provides maintenance service for 3 years after the end of the warranty period by repairing the parts that can be maintained. In the event of replacing any piece for fees, an agreement is made with the customer regarding its value before maintenance.